Sunday, May 19, 2013

Elephant PooPoo Paper

Now before you wrinkle your nose, hear me out!

I was visiting the Caldwell Zoo recently and was in the gift shop when I noticed they had some Elephant PooPoo Paper.  What?!?  Yeppa, it was exactly that, paper made from elephant poo.  Since elephants (and other herbivores) only eat grasses, etc., and they have inefficient digestive systems, their poo is very fibrous.  So this company, PooPoo Paper, cleans up the poo and makes natural fiber paper. No, it doesn't smell and it isn't germy!  Here's the link to their webpage.  In their words "...we could create products that would represent a healthy and sustainable balance between ecological responsibility AND commercial pursuit"  It is actually nice paper.  So if you receive a card from me that has natural paper on it, you know where it came from!