Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Announcements

In a previous post I mentioned that I was making baby announcements for friends. Well, it took some time, but they (all 25 of them) are done. What should have been a simple thing was not. I stamped all the images I needed and then took them with me out of town to color. After coloring them all, I started cutting them out. I got all of the safety pins cut out and about a quarter of the babies by the time I got home. I started to put together the first card and discovered that the colored images didn't match the paper (both were Pretty in Pink). Shock and horror! So my first thought was that my pen was running out of ink, so I used my reinker to reink it. This still didn't work, so I borrowed my demo's pen. I very carefully checked the color with the paper after each image (yes, I'm a bit OCD haha) and it matched perfectly. So, I relaxed and colored in all 25 babies and 25 safety pins, and then cut out all 25 safety pins - they are the easiest. I also ordered another pen. The next morning, to my horror, they didn't match! Well, there are only 2 variables to this...the pen and the paper. I always buy GP cardstock, so I didn't think that would be the problem, but I had used a new ream of paper. So I went to Michael's and bought white cardstock. Guess what - it WAS the paper. The image matched the paper perfectly the next day, (I finally smartened up and only colored one image as a test!) so I finished the cards. What a mess. But, finally, all 25 are done and delivered. The moral of the story? Even if the paper is the same, it's the paper's fault! :)

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